Hoku Tozai Taikai – 北東西 大会

Hoku Tozai Taikai is an event where Sweden and Finland meets in one single great team match.

Please note that this is not (yet?) an official national event. So far it is a goodwill arrangement between friends across the Baltic Sea.

The name of the event is a reference to the japanese East West championships; Hoku ToZai Taikai basically means Nothern East West Chmpionships.
The challenging nation sends a rooster which the hosting nation will try to match, as closely as possible in both age and grade.
Each player will go three individual matches.

Application for participation

Each country manages it’s own rooster in whatever way they see fit.

Swedish applicants see form at end of this page.


Typically the host nation will cover the costs as the challengers will cover trip and accommodation.

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  • Hoku Tozai Taikai update 18 augusti, 2018

    After quite a few glitches we should be back on schedule tomorrow (Sunday 19 August).

    The session will be held in Konradsbergshallen on Kungsholmen from 10:00-12:00

    The content will be Shiai-geiko, Ji-geiko and perhaps a few easter eggs.

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  • Changes to schedule of Hoku Tozai Taikai 2018 15 augusti, 2018

    In this first pilot issue of HTZT we have slightly fewer participants than we hoped so we will change the schedule slightly. We have also changed the locations so read carefully.

    Schedule Version 2

    Date From To Location Activity
    Friday 17/8 18:00 20:00 Enskedehallen Goodwill Keiko. There will also be a japanese delegation joining this keiko
    Saturday 18/8 0900 1200 Konradsbergshallen Hoku Tozai Taikai and Good Will Keiko
    Sunday 19/8 1000 1200 Konradsbergshallen Mini Seminar
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  • Hoku Tozai Taikai 2018 26 juni, 2018

    2018 will be the first year for Hoku Tozai Taikai, the Northern East-West Competition.

    Stockholm will be the host this year and the date is set to 17th to 19th of August.

    The Location is Enskedehallen in south central stockholm.

    Schedule (preliminary)

    Friday 17/8: 1800-2000 Goodwill Keiko

    Saturday 18/8: 0900-1400 Hoku Tozai Taikai and Good Will Keiko

    Sunday 19/8: 1000-1300 Mini seminar (of the slightly harder kind)


    There will probably be a small fee charged to the Swedish participants to cover the cost of the venue. More on that later.

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