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HokuToZai Taikai 2019 Resa

Resan är nu bokat och ser ut likt nedan Stockholm -> Åbo Avgång med Viking Amorella klockan 20:00 den 12 april från Stadsgårdskajen Seaside Standard hytt (4 personer/ hytt) Ankomst Åbo 13 april 07:35 Åbo->Stockholm Avgång med Viking Grace klockan 20:55 söndag den 14 april från Åbo Seaside Standard hytt (4 personer/ hytt) Ankomst Stockholm, Stadsgårdskajen, […]

Changes to schedule of Hoku Tozai Taikai 2018

In this first pilot issue of HTZT we have slightly fewer participants than we hoped so we will change the schedule slightly. We have also changed the locations so read carefully. Schedule Version 2 Date From To Location Activity Friday 17/8 18:00 20:00 Enskedehallen Goodwill Keiko. There will also be a japanese delegation joining this keiko Saturday […]

Hoku Tozai Taikai 2018

2018 will be the first year for Hoku Tozai Taikai, the Northern East-West Competition. Stockholm will be the host this year and the date is set to 17th to 19th of August. The Location is Enskedehallen in south central stockholm. Schedule (preliminary) Friday 17/8: 1800-2000 Goodwill Keiko Saturday 18/8: 0900-1400 Hoku Tozai Taikai and Good […]