Hoku Tozai Taikai 2022 drawing

Note: As Team East are 11 shiaisha. Team West have had to select 11 representatives.
All other able and willing fighters from West will join the open tournament on Sunday as well as the training sessions on Saturday.

Each team has eleven shiaisha. There will be one match between the two juniors. Remaining 10 divided into two groups of five wherein all fight all. The fights are held on two Shiai-jo A and B.

The team that has highest number of won matches or, if that is equal, the highest number of scored pints shall be the winner.

If needed, one extra match for one ippon will decide.

AN. YagmurO. Väisänen
AA. AydinR. Streisterman
AS. GaudinF. Estudillo
AV. GrennvallV. Vilkama
AW. FärjhE. Loputeva
AA. AydinO. Väisänen
AS. GaudinR. Streisterman
AV. GrennvallF. Estudillo
AW. FärjhV. Vilkama
AN. YagmurE. Loputeva
AS. GaudinO. Väisänen
AV. GrennvallR. Streisterman
AW. FärjhF. Estudillo
AN. YagmurV. Vilkama
AA. AydinE. Loputeva
AV. GrennvallO. Väisänen
AW. FärjhR. Streisterman
AN. YagmurF. Estudillo
AA. AydinV. Vilkama
AS. GaudinE. Loputeva
AW. FärjhO. Väisänen
AN. YagmurR. Streisterman
AA. AydinF. Estudillo
AS. GaudinV. Vilkama
AV. GrennvallE. Loputeva
BC. NordstedtK. Koskinen
BR. LingvideS. Gromova
BS. BrömsK. Koskinen
BM. ArfertJ. Lampinen
BS. StrandellJ. Galdins
BM. WahlqvistK. Nishida
BA. HolmkvistD. Arsenin
BM. ArfertS. Gromova
BS. StrandellJ. Lampinen
BM. WahlqvistJ. Galdins
BA. HolmkvistK. Nishida
BR. LingvideD. Arsenin
BS. StrandellS. Gromova
BM. WahlqvistJ. Lampinen
BA. HolmkvistJ. Galdins
BR. LingvideK. Nishida
BM. ArfertD. Arsenin
BM. WahlqvistS. Gromova
BA. HolmkvistJ. Lampinen
BR. LingvideJ. Galdins
BM. ArfertK. Nishida
BS. StrandellD. Arsenin
BA. HolmkvistS. Gromova
BR. LingvideJ. Lampinen
BM. ArfertJ. Galdins
BS. StrandellK. Nishida
BM. WahlqvistD. Arsenin