Stockholm Kendo Open 2021


We are happy to continue the tradition and yet again invite you to Stockholm for the longest running Kendo tournament in Sweden.


Times in this schedule are preliminary subject to change

Friday, October 22nd

19.00-20.30Open practice with Kibo Dojo on Södermalm (South central Stockholm). Find map here

Saturday, October 23rd

08.00Arena opens
08.15-09.15Check in
09.30Line up
09.45Juniors class & Ladies class
10.30Kyu class (depending on previous class)
12.301-2 dan class (depending on previous class)
15.003 dan+ class (depending on previous class)
18.00Prize ceremony (prel)

Sunday, October 24th

07.45Arena opens/Check in
10.30Team Shiai (depending on examination)
13.30Price ceremony
14.00Goodwill Ji-Geiko (depending of team shiai)

Referees and examinators

  • Mats Wahlqvist, Kyoshi 7 dan Kendo, Sweden
  • Jean-Paul Carpentier, Renshi 7 dan Kendo, France
  • Mikko Salonen, Kyoshi 7 dan Kendo, Finland
  • Kumi Sato, Renshi 7 dan Kendo, Sweden
  • Kari Ruuhilahti, Kyoshi 7 dan, Kendo, Finland
  • Nils Björkegård, Renshi 7 dan Kendo, Sweden
  • Kate Sylvester, Renshi 6 dan Kendo, Sweden


Participation individual competition *300 SEK
Lunch 1 day *100 SEK
Team (cost per team) **300 SEK
Dinner/PartyPaid at restaurant

*To be paid in advance
** Paid and registered on site


Payment shall be made in advance and available on our account no later than October 19.

Pay to (National)Plusgiro 679489-5, Kibo Dojo Kendoklubb
Pay to (Internat.)Holder: KIBO DOJO KENDOKLUBB
IBAN: SE84 9500 0099 6042 0679 4895
Mark payment withSKO2021 [Your Name]


ClassAgeGradeGenderAdditional Info
3 dan+16 and over3 Dan holders and aboveMixed 
1-2 dan16 and overDan holdersMixedMedalists move on to 1-3 dan+ Class
Ladies14 and overNo restrictionsLadies 
Kyu16 and overKyu holdersMixedMedalists move on to 1-2 dan Class 
Junior12-15No restrictionsMixedEveryone meets everyone else
Team16 and overNo restrictionsMixed3 persons, fixed order, winner stays on


The drawing is published here and results will be entered in real time during the competition. Bokmark it in your phone to follow the progress.


The competition is held at Löthallen in Sundbyberg


You can verify here that your application has been registered (there is about a days delay though) Check your application

Application has closed


Lunch is served only on Saturday.

Dinner / Party

Dinner will be held at Asian restaurant “Kina Muren” and you need to reserve your seat using this form.

Check out Menu here


The Swedish Budo & Martial arts Federation and it’s Subsidiaries has put in place some regulations in order to mitigate the spread of Corona Virus.

All participants shall

  1. Withdraw from the competition if they have had any corona related symptoms within 7 days or less from the start of the competition.
  2. Submit, to the doctor on site, a completed and signed declaration of health. Download here and
  3. pass a health check supervised by the medical doctor of the competition. (Temperature scan, breathing frequency, Oxygen saturation) and
  4. wear a mouth protection during matches (will be provided by the organizers).


Applications for dan-exam is managed by the Swedish Kendo Federation.

Examination subjects

1 danKirikaeshi, Jitsugi, Nippon Kendo Kata : Tachi 1-5
2 danKirikaeshi, Jitsugi, Nippon Kendo Kata: Tachi 1-7
3 danKirikaeshi, Jitsugi, Nippon Kendo Kata: Tachi 1-7, Kodachi 1-3
4 danJitsugi, Nippon Kendo Kata: Tachi 1-7, Kodachi 1-3
5 danJitsugi, Nippon Kendo Kata: Tachi 1-7, Kodachi 1-3

International examinees shall file an application with EKF thru their national federation as well as completing the Swedish Kendo Federation’s form (below).

You shall, if you have one, bring your EKF yellow card to the examination. There is no need to bring any other type of documentation.

Application is closed

Exam fees

Examination Application fees shall be paid in advance to Swedish Kendo Federation.

Mark your payment “Exam Stockholm Kendo Open” + Your Name

Pay application fees to

Swedish examinees

KontohavareSvenska Budo- och Kampsportsförbundet

International examinees

RecipientSvenska Budo- och Kampsportsförbundet
IBANSE12 8000 0832 7970 4708 3584

Registration fees

Registration fees shall be paid if exam is passed.

  • Swedish nationals can pay with SWISH
  • Internationals shall pay in cash


To gradeApplication fee.
Paid in advance
Registration fee.
Paid if passed
1 Dan150 SEK 200 SEK
2 Dan200 SEK 300 SEK
3 Dan300 SEK 500 SEK
4 Dan500 SEK 700 SEK
5 Dan700 SEK1000 SEK


All Kendo events are dependent of volunteers helping. If you can help at least part of the time please add your info here Volunteers Form

2 reaktioner till “Stockholm Kendo Open 2021

  1. Team: There will be “Ronin arrangements”. Registration etc is managed on site on Saturday.
    EKF-card: We’ll find a way to handle it.

  2. Dear Sir or Lady,

    it is my first time applying for your tournament and Dan grading and I have two questions:
    1) Team competition: I did not see an option to choose this among the categories, I only applied for ladies and sandan+. Can I register for the team competition too? And if yes, will there be an option for me to join other team as a ronin?
    2) Grading: I will attempt to pass my yondan exam and it was mentioned that EKF Grading book is needed. I do have a book, but my last two exams are not inscribed. How do we resolve it? You can see my current grade on EKF web page or I can send you a picture of my sandan diploma.
    I also didn’t understand what information window “Söker till” on registration application demands, the rest of it should be correct.

    Thank you for your answers.
    Best regards,
    Roza Jaki

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